Early bird

Massen Dirt Track, 2010!
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin

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After dusk there will be dawn. After the big party there is always a quiet ‚morning after‘. These are magic moments for taking pictures. The scenes often are very authentic, weird but always fascinating. Those are my ‚early birds‘. You’re gonna see them every now and then.

Massen, Germany – September, 2010


Catch of the day

This one was taken at the 18th A-Bombers ‚Old Style Weekend‘.
photograph by Franz J. Venzin


Hillclimb to the Devils Peak. Uddevalla, Sweden – August, 2013

Well, this photograph represents the official start of this blog!
I chose it because it perfectly shows what i’m looking for when taking pictures of the rallies and events. The authentic moment…
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Franz J. Venzin

Lucerne, Switzerland – May 19th, 2014



Hindenberg Speedway 2013

Sportsman’s and amateur dirt track races. An evening in the pits…
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


As far as they have already been published in Thom Piston’s ‚The Smokin‘ Shutdown Magazine‘ Yearbook 2013 i’ll show the racing pictures later, don’t worry. Let’s start first with a little story in the pits.

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A beautiful day trip!

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns…
This is the true story about Paul Notter’s dream.
all photographs by Franz J. Venzin


Paul, born 1933, was a mechanical enigneer and a passionate boat builder. His fascination for engines and elegant vehicles guided him troughout his entire life.

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